Duty Warranty

  • If there is a loss within the compound due to the security guard weakness will be compensated at their current market value in 60 days.
  • AMS’s liability of compensation will be different depend on the type of security service.

Personal Warranty

  • Administration manager and will be available for inspection by the authorized representative of client Individual Files. Files on all employed security personnel will be maintained by the personnel office of the company under the supervision of the AMS’s
  • All new candidates will be required to under a physical examination at AMS’s expense as part of the selection process following interview and prior to special instructions.
  • All aspects of the guard poster position which are assigned to him/her and that he/her is informed of and understands the guard assignments and  As part of interviews and briefings AMS will confirm that each member of the workforce possesses the capacity to acquire a good working knowledge of
  • AMS Security will change any service personnel if the client is not satisfied with his/her performance.
  • For security reason, AMS will not deploy one security personnel more than 6 months at the same working site.

 Report and Register Warranty

  • AMS can warranty that all the reports and registers (documents) provided are correct and precise.
  • If there is any dispute to be resolved, AMS can provide those documents (of 6 months) as evidence.